Countdown to the final

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Countdown to the final

Post  Sven on Fri May 09, 2008 10:52 am

Stockholm calling Dronfield, Stockholm calling Dronfield.

Its 5.20pm and the players are enjoying their evening meal. This presents me with the opportunity to asssess the mood in the camp. Here goes -

* Gav - hoping to keep a clean sheet which has been the situation for the last few months off the field of play.
* Chris Lowe - will he be on a high tomorrow.
* Sarnis - the colonel looks to break rank as he tries to win the cup.
* Jamie - ex East 17 lead singer sings "Its Alright" as he hopes its alright.
* Joycey - he hopes he will be rejoyceying at the final whistle.
* Jolly - will he be jolly at the final whistle or will he be having an ASBO served on him for violent conduct. Better be the former.
* Jonny - Marshall Mather's brother will be rapping rapturously if he get his hands on a winners medal.
* Saint - will be squealing like a pig if he lifts the cup.
* Larry - just needs to "shut the door" on Stoney's attack.
* Doyle - will he be rising from the ashes or just crashing from the sky. Dovely.
* James - just like his brother Alton he will be knocking their players into oblivian.
* Tuna - hopes to net the winner and get canned later on.
* Sadler - needs a wnners medal so he can take it to the pawn shop to get some cash to pay his motgage. Thought credit crunch was a cereal bar.
* Presty - could be super sub and the only player with one knee to play in a cup final.
* Charno - could come up trumps if the team wins.
* Pete - he will be about as composed as the team. Pete is like cooking - simmers for 10 minutes and boils for the next 80.

Anyway must go - off to Ikea for a plate of meatballs. Its Nancy's favourite.


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