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Match Report

Post  Presty on Tue Apr 22, 2008 1:30 am

Who wants a go this week in my absence?

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Bradwell First Team 2 - Dronfield Town B 2

Post  The Dove! on Tue Apr 22, 2008 6:23 am

Dove does it again as Town earn point against Bradwell firsts.

The signs were not good when we turned up to Bradwell only for Towns most dedicated and honourable man, Charno, to find his favourite boozer wasn't open. Bradwell were fully stripped and looked as though they had been warming up for five hours whilst Town were just entering the changing rooms. To add further misery to Towns preparation, The Dove got slipped one and didn't have no shorts to play with the exception of his boxers. In order to preserve his tackle and stop Bradwells faithful get a look a cheap look at his member, the Dove flew south into the Bradwell changing room and borrowed a sneaky pair just before the game commenced.

Despite Towns problematic preparation, it was they who were sharpest out of the traps as a long throw from Village dropped nicely for the Dove to smash home from 10 yards with the outside of his left peg, leaving the goalkeeper stranded. Dronfield Town one up after 5 minutes.

Thereafter, it soon became evident that the Bradwell team were a based on mixture of firsts and reserves with some good movement using the vast width of the pitch but only lacking in that final third, with two such chances being cleared of the line by, yes, you guessed it.......The Dove!

Town could have extended their lead when a cross field ball from ???? (can't remember chaps sorry!) dropped nicely for (what me again?) The dove to strike a sweet volley only for it to marginally shave the woodwork.

Anyway apart from that, Bradwell scored twice to lead two one only for new target man towers to head one from close range, again from a village corner.

Man of the match - After much deliberation Sven decided to give it to Ross for his hard work all game. Many industry pundits have likened Sven Benn to a god as he sees things that many others don't!

As you can see, I have got a really good memory when it comes to my own game but struggle with everyone else's.

All in all lads, a good first season in the league under Sven Benn. However we all know its not over yet, lets get Blazing Rag hammered in the semi and go on to lift that cup in honour of our leader.

Love you all. Look after yourselves.....and each other!


The Dove!

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Match Report

Post  Butler on Tue Apr 29, 2008 1:46 am

Doyle, class match report...seeing as you were at Holbrook last Sat, and had a clear, sober outlook on the game, you don't fancy writing our match report do you ?


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Re: Match Report

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